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1. I liked what Bishop said when I was called as one of the two Laurel Class Advisers. He told me that I was considered to be a counselor in the YW Presidency but Bishop saw it fit that I remained as a teacher because he believes that I would be in the best position to help the young women if I were in a teaching assignment.

The responsibility is huge. And it scares me. I am very much aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings. And truth be told, I feel inadequate. I'm scared of falling short of the expectations set upon me. I'm scared of not being good enough of a teacher to them. I'm scared of not being good enough of an example.

But because Bishop believed in my capacity, I guess I have to believe in mine, too. And I'm extremely grateful for the enormous trust placed on me. While I have my fears, I also know that I must stay strong and brush off the insecurities and feeling of inadequacy.

2. Ivy said it best. It is like love.

My professor told us that the relationship between a therapist and a client is like a puzzle. They must perfectly fit together for changes to begin and for therapy to work.

With my wanting to be of help to this person, I wanted to fit my piece to his or tailor his piece to fit into mine. But like all puzzles, fitting the wrong pieces together will not result to the right picture of the puzzle. And what good is a puzzle if you don't end up with the right picture?

3. Last year, the month of May brought massive changes in my life.

I wonder if this is the October in my wickedspriteMea.

4. I just blew off more than P500 when I went to Diliman.

Brought three second hand books:

1. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis
2. The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis
3. Why I Write by George Orwell

Brought dvds:

1. Pixar Short Films Collection (hella excited to watch this one)
2. Fireflies in the Garden

Not bad purchases but I must penny pinch especially that money comes monthly and irregularly.

5. So now that I have complete control of time in my hands, I'm thinking of activities that will balance leisure and work for my remaining three weeks before OJT begins.

a. Daily exercise regimen
- Jog on Monday and Friday mornings (30 mins)
- Swim on Tuesday and Thrusday mornings or afternoon (45 mins)
- Bike on Saturday mornings (30-45 mins)

b. Read books
- The Unbearable Lightness of Being
- The Lord of the Flies
- The Screwtape Letters
- The Abolition of Man
- Why I Write
- A Thousand Splendid Suns
- The Alienist
- Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud

c. Watch TV Shows
- House
- The Office
- Arrested Development

d. Watch dvds
- Pixar Short Films Collection
- Frost/Nixon
- Knowing
- Fireflies in the Garden

In between those things, I am doing my free lance shizz.

This will totally challenge my adulthood. I'm not the world's smartest woman in terms of using my time wisely, seriously. And it is such a shame, really. But must grow up and do something about. Rawr.

Down memory lane!



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